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Please note that the content of this website is outdated and only valid vor subscribers who subscribed previous of 2014/03/27

USE EXPAT CONNECTIONS. We connect expats leaving their apartment or room with expats looking for a place to live. Expats looking for a next tenant to take over their flat or looking for a new flat mate can submit their offer for free and we send it to flat searchers by email. There are thousands of expats living in Zurich. Let’s help each other out. Submitting offers is completely free.

NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS. All communication can be handled in English or a language of your choice. Our offers are sent out in English.

LESS HASSLE. The expat leaving can offer the flat or room to a limited group of other expats. There won’t be hundreds of emails of interested flat searchers spamming your mailbox (which is very likely to happen in Zurich!) – but just some good dozens from other expats who highly appreciate your offer.

EXCLUSIVE OFFERS. The expat offering a flat or a room agrees to publish the offer at first exclusively with us and not on the mainstream platforms/magazines.* This raises the chance for the flat searchers to find a flat or a room a lot.

ADS ARE FREE. Submit your flat or room offer for free. Find another expat as you next tenant who takes over your apartment or roommate. If you don’t find a new tenant, you can still publish your offer on another platform.

GET SUPPORT. Leaving a flat often raises a lot of questions. Arriving in Switzerland and get settled is even more complicated. When submitting your offer or subscribing for our service you can ask us questions. We’ll answer them on our Facebook page.

CONNECT. Our Facebook page is the place where you can meet other people and share your experiences. We also answer your questions about the flat search and leaving a flat there.

DON’T FORWARD. Our only condition: don’t copy and distribute our offers, please. It will destroy our service. Collecting unpublished offers and sending them to you takes a lot of time and advertising cost. We don’t charge a lot but we need a certain income to survive. So be fair and don’t risk not getting your dream flat in the end: We encourage people who publish an offer with us to only accept applicants who are registered – which they can check with us at any time. Thank you for your understanding and support!


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*See  general terms and conditions in order to find out the details